Rapid Natural Pain Relief

Taking Care of You

“Patients need us to get rid of their pain as quickly as possible. The pain may be acute and sudden or have been developing for some time. Regardless of the severity, cause or duration of the pain our primary goal is to get rid of it naturally and within the shortest time frame.”


Benefits of Pain Management:


  • Utilising on site x-ray facilities to immediately and accurately assess the cause of the pain. If we are able to deal with it we will do so immediately. If it requires referral we will guide you to the correct place. If you need to go to the hospital we will tell you that too.

  • Provide advice and access to nutritional supplements that will begin to reduce pain and help the body recover from injury.

  • Appointment will include corrective adjustments, massage, ice and heat therapy and if appropriate stretching and exercises. 

  • Length of treatment program is specific to your condition. When the pain is gone you can decide if you wish to go onto a home based rehabilitation program or pain maintenance program. 


Method of treatment:


  • Heat and ice therapy

  • Corrective adjustments

  • Deep tissue vibration massage

  • Stretching