As an experienced Chiropractor based in Papamoa I offer the type of care that I want to receive when I see the chiropractor myself. This means specific attention to my problems, properly assessing why the problem exists and treating me in a way that not only alleviates the condition but also prevents any further recurrence; and improves the overall health and function of my spine. 

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The focus of this clinic is to provide the highest level of care in natural pain relief and spinal rehabilitation. We want to help our patients understand why their problems first developed and what they can do to not only start to feel better but to actually improve the health and function of their spine. 

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Rapid Natural Pain Relief

Some patients need us to get rid of their pain as quickly as possible. The pain may be acute and sudden or have been developing for some time. Regardless of the severity, cause or duration of the pain our primary goal is to get rid of it naturally and within the shortest time frame


Spinal Rehabilitation

Spinal rehabilitation is critical for those that not only want to get rid of pain but want to ensure their spinal condition improves over time. Not many people realise that even when there is significant spinal misalignment and damage that there are methods of healing and permanently correcting these issues. This is done through extensive muscular and joint rehabilitation of the spine.

Meet the Team

We love what we do and we especially love improving the health of our patients.
Find out more about the Oceanside Chiropractic team and what makes us tick:

We left South Africa and emigrated to NZ where my sister-in-law started to work as a receptionist for a chiropractor in Tauranga. I was in Te Puke High School at that time and spent a lot of time observing with the chiropractor. I was blown away by his ability to help people of all ages to not only feel better but to achieve better health and wellbeing.

I decided to commit to becoming a chiropractor and after the five years of study worked in Tauranga for a couple of years. At this point I decided to have an OE so went to Singapore for six years. During my time there I become one of the first certified Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) practitioners in South East Asia and New Zealand.

After seeing thousands of Asian and European patients I have seen amazing improvements in people who were not only sore but also those who were disabled and heading for spinal operations. With over 10 years experience I found my speciality is helping those with chronic pain syndromes and recent injuries reduce and eliminate their pain. I look forward to meeting you soon."

Dr Phil Bailey


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